Duwamish 7 (.NET)

do you remember (Duwamish Application) from Microsoft Company, if you dont know it, its Sample Application created with latest Microsoft Technology, like Programming Language (VB, VC++) and Database (SQL Server 2000), ths sample show the programmers how can create application with (N-Tier Technology).

this day when i surfing the internet i found new version of this application ( Duwamish 7 (.NET)), its created with VB.NET and VC.NET, if you want make applications with Visual Studio.NET you must download it and see how you can created.

1 thought on “Duwamish 7 (.NET)

  1. zuhare Tabet

    I think its the best way to know how you can use (N-Tier) Technology with .netbut be careful , I Know some one develop application work only when you install Duwamish 7 !!!!!!!


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